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5 Talent Acquisition Trends in 2021

2022 is just two months away, and things are constantly changing day by day. New trends have emerged largely since the pandemic, and the recruitment industry has also been widely impacted in the last two years. Trends that were suitable a month ago, are no longer significant. In this article, we have provided you with the best talent acquisition tips and trends of 2021, that you can incorporate into your company.

  • Remote Interviewing


Ever since COVID-19, a lot of companies have been forced to change their recruitment and working structure. Instead of the traditional method of an in-person interview, companies have started hiring employees virtually. Virtual hiring is here to stay, video interviews include a video call over any video teleconferencing application, and companies select candidates according to their preference.

  • Remote Working

Apart from hiring virtually, most companies, as well as candidates, prefer not to work in public spaces like corporate offices and hence this has increased the demand for remote workers. Even though this shift has been challenging organizations like never before, but companies are trying their best to make remote working a productive space for their employees. Meeting are held through platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., Conferences and events are also held virtually, companies are focusing on digital platforms to bring brand awareness and market their product/services, etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting

By using artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting, recruiters can save time by automating monotonous and tedious operations like resume screening, automatically triggering evaluations, and arranging applicant interviews. Arya, Paradox, AmazingHiring, etc. can be used as AI recruiting tools that can be used by companies.

  • Candidate Experience

Good candidate experience has become important as it helps recruiters attract appropriate talent as more people would be interested in applying for positions available within the organization. Candidates’ experiences influence not only whether they would suggest an organization or a job offer, but they also influence relationships beyond the recruiter/candidate relationship since candidates talk.

  • Gamification

Gamification is a strategy for motivating and engaging people by recreating job-like events and scenarios in the shape of a gaming environment. Companies can now set up a system that will motivate and engage people by providing job-like experiences and scenarios in the style of a gaming environment. Candidates that perform the best are likely to be hired.