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Our Inventions

Our Inventions

DEW is our proprietary AI backed software development tool. Which provides rich features and modern techniques to create professional, functional and great looking web and mobile applications very quickly. It helps an analyst to transform a business automation idea to an application in few days where as normal development takes months.

Sometimes great ideas never get implemented because of the time constraint or prototyping itself takes longer time or you may need a team of developers to do the proto type. In such scenarios, if you have DEW in hand, you can quickly create a great looking functional application with the help of a single developer and show a demo to the team and all of a sudden your idea gets manifested into a real live application.

With the intuitive design and the graphical way of creation of the UI, database, its connection, helps the user in creation of web and mobile application in very less time.

The users can create user interface by them and when it is completed then the user can publish the entire system to the project. When the system is published the system generates the application code automatically. Then the users can start using the applications. One can easily customize the code, DEW is flexible.


With its powerful and intuitive interface, the user can easily build custom web applications and mobile applications. It has never been so fast and easy. The amount of time, resources and the effort required to develop an application can be reduced considerably by using DEW.

To make easier the visual creation of the page the use of the “drag & drop” is very important to register areas of the page or to move them. DEW has the ability to create pages using drag & drop function.

DEW in your Business

How can we Help in current Software Development Environment

Current software development takes an inordinate amount of time and is very costly.

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Some of the features include

Query Builder

Entity Manager and Query Builder which helps the developer to create database objects and queries without worrying about the target database, structure and syntax. Also, DEW will convert the queries into REST Services automatically.

Query Builder
UI Designer

UI Designer

User Interface designer which is based on a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Using the designer, the developer can quickly drag and drop controls into screens. It provides a vast array of controls which includes grid views, list views, charts, maps, camera and several materialized controls.

Flow Programming

Controller which helps the developer to create any programming methods without coding. The developer can quickly drag and drop services and other helper methods into the controller to integrate service data with User Interface.

Data binding

Data Binding

Unique wiring framework which helps the developer to connect one data endpoint to another endpoint very quickly. The developer does not need to worry about the names and syntax

Generated Application /Code Generation

The final component is an Application Generation Tool which generates the application code in a single click.

Generated Application
Cross-Platform Development
Web Yes
Mobile Apps Yes
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Windows Yes
Other Features Includes
Entity Builder Yes
Database import Yes
Database Separation Yes
Query/Service Builder using single entity Yes
Query/Service Builder using multiple entities Yes
External Service Yes
Query String Yes
View Model Yes
UI Designer (Drag and Drop) Yes
UI and Model Data Binding (Drag and Connect Lines) Yes
Custom Code Yes
Custom Code Separation Yes
Directives (Partial Page) Yes
Model Dialog Yes
Reports Yes
Navigation Yes
Code Generation/Export Yes
Build Binaries Yes
Image Manager Yes
Document Manager Yes
Model-Based Data Structure Yes
Source Code Editing Yes
Collaboration and Sharing Yes