Remote work can reduce your cost by up to 50%

The secret for successful and smart companies is now out in the open. Get your backend work done remotely to save on cost.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in delivering customized solutions that suit every employer and their work culture. We very well know that every employer is unique and has specific requirements.

End-To-End Solutions

Tech Army provides customized end to end strategic solutions ranging from ideas to design.

Affordable Pricing

We devise solutions according to the unique needs of employers at a reasonable cost structure.


Tech Army has over 30-years of experience with the right knowledge to drive your business growth.


Similarities between Onsite employees (Physically in office) and Remote / Virtual employees
Features Onsite Employees (Physically in office) Remote employees
Direct selection by employers
Control, Monitoring & Supervision
(Remains with employers)
Office work time
(As per employer's discretion)
Intellectual Property
(Remains with employers)
(As per employer's discretion)
Leaves & Holidays
Advantages of Outsource / Remote Employees over Onsite Employees (Physically in office)
Features Onsite employees (Physically in office) Remote employees
Work station requirement / Office space Required Not required
Administrative cost (like Internet, Office rent, Electricity bill, Telecommunication) Managed by employers Managed by employee
Payroll Employer’s payroll Tech Army’s payroll
Budget Fixed salary depending on minimum wages decided by State’s law Up to 50% lower cost than onsite (in person) employee
Safety All protocols & restrictions are required to be followed Not needed
Salary payout frequency Monthly Weekly or as agreed
Employee benefits in office Employers to manage (Eg Coffee, Water etc) Not required
Compliances (Taxes, Insurance etc) Employer’s One fixed cost
Hiring cost ~15% to ~25% (Approx) Nil

How we Work

Business Advisory

Sign up on our website FREE of cost (Irrespective of the business process ranging from Customer Service, Accounting, Bookkeeping, IT, Payroll or any other)

Talent comes to you. Get qualified proposals within 24 hours, and meet the candidates you’re excited about.

You will be able to choose the right solution and consultant from our vast pool of globally managed consultants. Once the solution is approved by you, we jump into action for seamless transition of cost-effective employee’s service.

With Tech Army service, you will experience your payroll cost reduction of up to 50%.

Hiring Process

*The timelines mentioned above are indicative & the actuals may vary depending on profile requirement and turnaround time for necessary approvals. The timelines mentioned are calculated based on working days.

Meet some of our remote consultants


Peter has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a work experience of 5+ years in Accounting & Reporting and he is currently working for one of our happy employers.

Peter’s key skills are File Maker Pro, SQL, MIS Reporting, Advance Excel, Data Mining Analysis & Forecasting.

An employee as skilled as Peter would cost you around

$14/hr all inclusive


George is an MBA in Finance and has a work experience of 6+ years in Accounting & Reporting and he is currently working for one of our happy employers.

George's key skills are Accounting G/L, Reconciliation, Settlement, Financial Planning & Forecasting, XBRL, AP/AR, Quality Assurance.

An employee as skilled as George would cost you around

$12/hr all inclusive

Our Team


Chief of Staff

Commanding Officer - APR

Relationship Management Officer

We provide services in key areas


Our Customers Feedback

Happy Clients

Here are some FAQ's on Outsourcing with Tech Army

At Tech Army, all the services provided to you are entirely in-house and the consultants are on Tech Army's payroll.

No, Tech Army is not a freelancing company. We are a remote staffing company that allows you to hire dedicated consultants on a full-time basis. You get to hire consultants who work exclusively for you under your supervision.

Unlike a freelancer, Tech Army consultants work exclusively for you and you have an absolute managerial control over them. Tech Army offers a large talent pool of professionals from various domains, who you can hire as a dedicated employee for your business.

  • • Abundant Talent - Pick from a wide range of triple-vetted consultants that suit your domain. From single hiring to team hiring, the choice is entirely yours.
  • • Cost-effective - Pay only for the remote employee you hire and nothing else. No overhead cost and no hidden charges. Get a professional consultant at a bottom dollar and save up to 50% on remote hiring.
  • • Available 24/7 - No matter which time zone you are in, your remote consultant is always there for you. He/She comes with the backing of an entire team, which ensures your work continues in a seamless manner.

You do not need to be technically proficient to work with your remote employees. All our teams are assigned highly experienced and efficient tech Team Leads, who identify the right skill sets of the consultants and share relevant profiles post-discussion.

Unlike freelancers and project companies, Tech Army provides you with a dedicated remote employee who works exclusively for you, just like your in-house employee would. The remote employee isn’t only with you for one project but works for you, reports to you, and is your consultant for as long you wish to retain the employee. You can monitor their daily work, get reports and communicate directly to ensure the deadlines are meet without fail.

We take data protection extremely seriously and have in place a zero-tolerance policy in the case of even a suspected data breach. The security of our employer's data is our utmost priority.

The owner is YOU and will always be YOU! Tech Army only provides you with a talented and professional consultant. Once you hire him/her, they would work like your employee by every standard. Rest assured, every project they complete, every code they write, every innovation they come up with are legally your intellectual property.

Tech Army operates on a pre-paid model, which means your invoice will be raised before the beginning of each month.

Since the consultant shall work as a locally hired employee -the cost of consultant’s leaves will be borne by you.

At Tech Army, we explicitly trust our employees as professionals and accountable for their work and actions. However, we do understand and empathize with a concern the employer might have in this case of remote employees. To address this, our Team and Team Leads supervise every team member and are always present to troubleshoot any issue. The consultants will share a daily activity report as per employer’s requirement. This gives a clear understanding of his/her productivity for the day.

Absolutely! Our employees in the technical domains are highly experienced and are always in tune with the emerging trends and technologies in the world of computing. This gives us the edge in offering a new level of value addition to your business.

Our Awards