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Custom Software Development

At Tech Army we listen, learn and then create business technology solutions to solve our client’s problems through a durable global infrastructure and powerful methodologies. We deliver solutions that accelerate our clients’ competitive advantage

Our goal is to assist our clients in leveraging IT services to improve business performance. Utilizing a knowledge-based approach, we bring our collective thinking to each engagement. We are committed to making our processes accessible, sharing information and insights and inviting participation from our clients. It is this ability that makes our Tech Army process so special.

By designing and developing custom solutions & applications for our clients we enable them to become more competitive by automating their unique business processes, making them more productive and efficient at what they do. We also help our clients fill in the gaps in functionality provided by off-the-shelf commercial applications that they may be using.

Creation of new custom software-applications and enhancements and customization of existing business-applications involves Business and Software Development teams to work very closely in understanding and comprehending business processes and clearly identifying requirements.

Tech Army specializes in working closely with business users while implementing solutions for their requirements through high-quality IT systems. Tech Army’s approach is to spend ample time and resources during the requirement-gathering and design phase. This harmonious working of our Business and Software Development Teams ensures high success rate for application development projects. Tech Army uses a process-based system for project delivery with timely milestones and checkpoints.


Application Development Approach – Key Features

Tech Army’s Custom Application Development Delivers


Tech Army brings to the table people with analytical skills and business expertise to help define the customer’s requirements for an effective solution employing industry best practices. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand the domain and business constraints. We deliver on-time, high-quality and within-budget solutions.